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May 29, 2011

Taken by a  friend in Southern California, this photo shows a child who had a painful experience at the hands of well-meaning amateur face painters. Applied with cheap brushes, the paint was not cosmetic-grade & had been in storage for months from a previous event. A rusty coffee can was used for the water container. 

The volunteers didn't notice the boy had eczema until he was seen clawing at his face to get the paint off. He suffered because someone wanted to cut costs. By the way, this design was apparently supposed to be "Batman".

Professional face painters take health, comfort, and safety very
seriously. We hope you will, too!

Amateur Face Painting - Not for YOU!


No matter who does the painting, PLEASE don't use cheap face paints, acrylic paints, or sharpies on skin! They have a high rate of allergic reaction and are hard to remove!  Recent news about the dangers of Black Henna causing blisters.


October 29, 2009: A Safety Statement from the Personal Care Products Council.


On Oct. 27, 2009, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (CSC) issued a news release and report alleging that the levels of various heavy metals the group found in theatrical and Halloween face paints could lead to skin allergies in children.

...parents can enjoy Halloween festivities with their children without unnecessary worry about the safety of these novelty products. (entire press release follows)


October 29, 2009: This is a link to Snazaroo U.S.'s official web site.  The amount of lead in a test sample of Snazaroo is well within the acceptable level for cosmetics, according to FDA guidelines.  The natural minerals (particularly iron oxides) used as pigments sometimes carry trace minerals with them,  Chances are that we breathe more lead in a day than would be applied in a single face painting. It is natural to be concerned about lead poisoning, but the amount contained in FDA compliant cosmetics is infinitely small.  The group spreading this alarmist information is actually considered radical by PETA's standards... so perhaps they are a bit more extreme in their approach than the average person.


May 13, 2009: I use only professional grade face paints.  I never purchase paints from Oriental Trading or paints whose quality control is questionable; incidence of reaction to high-quality face paints is extremely low.

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