Custom Work


For costume parties, proms, weddings, athletic events, and other special occasions, I can create a test design based on YOUR PHOTO.  Send a current photo of the feature (face, shoulder, arm, back, leg, etc.) you want embellished, and a description of either what you are looking for (like silver flowers and pearls on the shoulders for a bandeau wedding dress) or  "I need something in my team's colors"  or "I need to match this costume".

I will use your photo and create an overlay of a possible design. Of course there will always be variations between Photoshop and real-world paint and glitter, but it will give you an idea of the possibilities.

Email your photo in JPEG or TIFF format to

Preferably 4x6, 300 dpi, since 72 dpi is too low-resolution to get the necessary detail.


I can also do custom glitter tattoo stencils.  Not all logos adapt well to stencils, so send me your logo and I will distill it down to a stencil-friendly version that gets your message across. This is great for promotional events!

Lead time is 3 weeks.

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